Concerned Citizens of Seneca County, Inc. (CCSC) is a not-for-profit local movement of supporters, members and activists who are committed to promoting the health and quality of life of the Seneca County region of New York State (as well as neighboring counties) by ensuring that Seneca County’s air, soil, water and environment are clean and healthful.

We are independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion and are funded mainly by our membership and public donations.

We believe no individual should have to stand alone when the quality of life in his or her neighborhood is threatened.

To this end, not only has CCSC assisted local individuals, but CCSC has partnered with several other environmental organizations, including Citizen’s Environmental Coalition (CEC) – one of New York’s premier environmental watchdog group and advocate for statewide policy reforms to prevent pollution in New York -- and Finger Lakes Zero Waste Coalition, Inc. (FLZWC), our “sister” organization in Ontario county (the county immediately to the west) which hosts its own 3,000 ton a day mega-landfill, and whose handiwork is shown to the right, below.

CCSC and FLZWC have, in turn, also worked together to form many successful partnerships with members of the local community.

To create this community success, both groups have galvanized public opinion through petition drives, yards sign and bumper sticker promotions, booth events, letter-writing campaigns, turnout events at public forums, legal actions, distribution of flyers and meeting notices, issuing press releases, visiting with public officials, and performing stand-up presentations and media events.

Members of these two organizations have also, in turn, developed outreach programs that have been able to mount a high and consistent attendance at local town, city and county government meetings, which helped result in, for 2009, the creation of the first-ever “Green Committee” for the city of Geneva, NY and, in 2010, the first-ever Environmental Committee for Seneca County.

Both organizations maintain and sustain an on-going relationship with their affected communities by holding twice-a-month public meetings at which local members are engaged with open dialogue and a chance to present and discuss their opinions.

Our “Purposes” (taken from CCSC’s by-laws)

The purposes for which this corporation (CCSC) has been organized are as follows:

  • To promote the common good and social welfare, civic betterments, and social improvements; specifically, to promote the health and quality of life of residents of the Seneca County region of New York State by ensuring that Seneca County’s air, soil, water and environment is clean and healthful;
  • To advocate with the public and governments that policies be implemented and that laws be passed to ensure such a clean and healthful environment;
  • To ensure that local, state and federal environmental protection laws and land-use regulations are enforced;
  • To encourage skills for citizen advocacy for a clean and healthful environment;
  • To engage in and promote public education in the areas of waste reduction, responsible re-use, recycling and renewable energy;
  • To represent its members point of view to State, federal and local agencies and to the public;
  • To cooperate with similar associations in performing any of the purposes for which the organization is formed.